It doesn’t matter what your size is, swimsuit shopping is a woman’s least favorite pastime. Here are a few of my tips to make it as easy as possible with little drama: 

1. Do some research. Find out which suits work best for your body type before trying any on. The internet and magazines are filled with this info. If you’re not sure, send some links to a friend and get her opinion. Check out what the stores have in style before you go. This way, if they don’t have the style you’re looking for you can avoid trying on unflattering suits altogether. Victoria Secret has a line of swimsuits called “Magicsuit” and they are super stylish and cover you in all the right places without looking like an old woman’s suit. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones with the skirt down to the knees.  You can check out the Magicsuits here

2. Plan the day. The morning is best after a light breakfast to try on a bathing suit or even before if you normally eat late. Just pack a snack so you don’t get hangry. 

3. Watch the bloat. The week leading up to it, limit salt and drink lots of water to flush out what you can. I love these flat belly tips. I always see a significant different in bloat when I stop eating earlier in the night like around 6 or 7. 

4. Talk yourself up. If you sign up for my newsletter, one of the extra things you get is sexy affirmation cards. A healthy body starts on the inside. If you think you don’t look good, then you need to change the way you think. I know I’m always preaching about affirmations, but it’s a HUGE part of a healthy lifestyle. 

5. Set a high budget. Be willing to part with some money. Swimsuits are expensive, especially if you go at the peak of the season. You don’t want to eliminate your top choice because of a small budget. 

6. Start with larger sizes and work down. Don’t start with your ideal size. Swimsuits are meant to be snug so they stay on, but snug can also cut into our extra body fat. Start bigger and go smaller even if you know your size. If you end up in the smaller size, great, then you’ll feel even more awesome. If you end up in the larger size, then you won’t feel bad about yourself for trying on suits that are too small. See how that works? 

7. Purchase ONLY what makes you comfortable. You want something you will wear in public.  Never, ever, EVER buy something that you want to fit into in x-amount of time. There is no need for unnecessary pressure. If you do lose weight, you can award yourself with a new swimsuit. 

8. Primp yourself. Shave your legs, do your hair, do your make up, and moisturize. Wear a thong so it fits best under the swimsuits you’re trying on. It also doesn’t hurt to match your bra. You just feel like a rockstar when your underwear matches. Just remember, you want to look your best when you are trying to stop judging yourself in the mirror. 

9. Don’t compare yourself. Remember that you’re incomparable. So you won’t be a swimsuit model. Most people aren’t. A swimsuit will not define who you are or how you measure up to other people. It’s just beach and pool attire. 

10. Make a day out of it. When the day is all said and do something healthy or fun for yourself. Get a pedicure, splurge on a fresh juice or do a fun workout. Celebrate yourself.