Whenever I have this notion that something will be a “fun” workout, it usually ends up being extremely difficult. I thought to myself, “a buddy workout would be so much fun!” BEEEEEEP. Incorrect. Lesson learned. I will never, EVER refer to a workout as “fun” again until it is over. Wheel barrels are only fun when you’re a 5-year old peanut. 


I haven’t shut up about how badly the lower half of my body hurts. I even put together an assembly line at work so I don’t need to walk to the printer. For the past 3 days I have been giving myself a pep talk each time I need to stand up or sit down. I throw myself into my car to get in and roll myself out. A little part of me cries when I have to go up and down stairs. 


A buddy workout requires 2 people to do each exercise. In order for it to work, you need to go at the same pace as your partner. Maybe I wouldn’t be so sore if my partner wasn’t a personal trainer. That’s the key here people: workout with someone weaker than you.