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Burn, Baby, Burn!

This is not me at my finest hour. I was in quite the bad mood the morning of this workout. It happens. Not every workout can be your best.


Please note that there are 2 segments missing from the video. They are 2 – half mile runs in 4:30 minutes, which is about 2 minute pace faster than my normal, leisurely speed. Which is why after the second one I am laying on the ground panting. Somehow, Amanda is just a little ray of sunshine after both runs. And that’s why we all love her. 



  • Oooh the seated torso twist is a good one! And the floor wipers look really tough (kind of like window wipers done from the bars. Looks like a super tough workout!!
    And, yes. The bad moods happen… what can you do. I hope you felt better after working out :)

    • It was! My shoulders were sore from the squats with arms raises.


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