Where to begin? Sometimes I yell at the trainer on the Skimble App. Lately, we’ve been using Trainer Greg. He is Amanda’s favorite (between you and me, I think she has a crush on him). I don’t really like him. It’s easy to be motivational and chipper when you are a computer without muscle soreness. Easy. 


Trainer Greg was trying to convince me to keep doing the Spiderman Plank by saying that there was a spider under me. REAL CUTE, Trainer Greg. First of all, that spider would have to be poisonous for me to not hold a plank and even then I would probably debate the pros and cons. Second, Trainer Greg likes to also say “keep going, Spiderman, you’re doing great!” Umm I’m not Toby Mcguire and Amanda isn’t James Franco. So let’s calm ourselves down Trainer Greg. 


One great thing about my friendship with Amanda is that if one us of looks really good one day, we make sure the other knows it. And you will see a little bit of that in this video. I usually edit it out, but I kept some of hit in this time to mention that if you ever see somewhere wearing a cute top or looking extra good in an outfit, you should really tell them. It will make their day and give them an extra boost of confidence. 


It’s a great workout… you know if you all in to toning and sweating and such. An Amanda Faloni-original workout.