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Cheat Meals, Guilt-Free Food & Coney Island

Look at those beauts.
If you read yesterday’s post, then you know I recently just got back from visiting NYC. My best friend, Elizabeth lives there. This is great because not only do I always have a place to stay, I get to spend extra time with someone I consider family and the sister I never I had.
I had most of the day Saturday with her and she suggested we visit Coney Island.


Ouch, I Tried Aerial Yoga

This past weekend, I made a quick trip to NYC to see my friend, Cassandra, before she moves to California this fall. We have both been wanting to try aerial yoga and we thought it would be a great way to spend our last day together before she moves.
Look at that excitement on my face.


How-To Eat Healthy At A Beer Fest (Hint: You Don’t)

My Monday post is coming to you much later today. I have a new rule that if it stresses me out to get a blog post done “on time” as in my self-inflicted deadline, then it gets pushed back until I don’t feel stressed about it. I can’t preach about a healthy lifestyle if I don’t live one 😉 P.S. tomorrow’s recipe will be posted in the evening as well.


My Workout Buddy History

Most people say, “If I could just find a workout buddy, I’d be set.” But me? I know better. You see, I have a long history of workout buddies. I’m keeping this intro short because we have a long list of people to go through. Let’s get started.
Mr. Vetere
I thought I would start with my husband. He takes the gym very seriously. It’s his home away from home.

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Meeting Erin Stutland

During my most recent trip to New York, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Erin Stutland, the creator of Shrink Sessions and most recently, Soul Stroll: Volume 1! I totally psyched myself out before meeting her. In fact, I was even doing some of her mantras from the Shrink Session program to calm myself down. And of course, it totally worked.

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The Pillars of Health & John Pierre

Let me begin with a little known fact… If someone asks you to take a picture with their iPhone, simply frame it and double tap over their faces. This will focus the camera and you can avoid a picture like this…

I was so disappointed when I saw how out of focus all THREE of the pictures were that I had a kind stranger take of John Pierre and I.

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I Tried A Pure Barre Class

I love trying new workout classes when visiting cities because there are so many options compared to the small town I live in. I was going back and forth between trying a Pure Barre class or a rowing class. I took it to Facebook and you guys voted for Pure Barre. For whatever reason I had a lot of issues trying to sign up on their website so I just used the Burn This app.

photo 1-3
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The Movement & Shrink Sessions

Last week, I extended my stay in NYC specifically to take a Shrink Session (< affiliate) class at The Movement on Tuesday morning. It’s a class that combines yoga, cardio, kickboxing and intervals with mantras. You set an intention at the beginning of class and work through it. You shout the mantras while you work out.

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#iMakeGoodChoices CHALLENGE!

It’s the very first Skinny Sometimes Challenge!
With the holiday season just around the corner, I know we often worry about sabotaging our health and fitness goals. The beauty of it is, if we honor our bodies and don’t deprive ourselves we can still reach those goals AND be happy all at the same time.

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The Fearless Pool Party

How incredible would it be to show up to a pool party without putting any thought into it? 
Well I’m excited to introduce you to my new friends today, Amanda, Allegra, Dani, Olivia and Ramsey. Every pool party they went to this summer they actually had fun and got into the pool. 
It was a great experience interviewing these little beans because it gave me a new perspective.