Santa (my Mom) gave me Just Dance 4 for Christmas. It was the only thing I really wanted for Christmas. Of course, I inserted the disc into the Wii Console immediately. I was still in my pajamas. I was ecstatic because not only does it have Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” but I had no idea it had Justin Bieber’s “Beauty And A Beat.” Yes, I am 29. I was also excited to find that Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” was on it as well, um hello there awesome throwback. 


It took about 3 songs worth of dancing on Christmas morning until I was sweating and out of breath. There is actually a workout section of the game as well, but I was only doing the dance part. I knew that as soon as I returned home I would need to do the game while wearing my heart rate monitor to see what kind of workout I was really getting.


As I danced with my heart rate monitor on, my heart rate jumped to 145 BPM by the middle of each song. This is a moderate cardio workout for me. When I jog longer distances my heart rate stays within 140-150 BPM. So for me, dancing for about an hour would equal 30 minutes of jogging. Why an hour? You need to account for the time you’re not actually dancing, such as choosing songs and when the song is just starting up. I would choose an hour of Just Dance 4 any day over 30 minutes of jogging. 


Alright, don’t get too excited. You can’t just pretend to play the game for an hour and expect a workout. Here are a few tips to get the most out of the game aerobically: 


1. Don’t take yourself too seriously. There is no need to try to do every single dance move perfectly, you won’t, unless you have A LOT of dance experience. Move around, have fun, and laugh at yourself. I’m pretty sure that if you sing along/lip sync and make awkward facial expressions you will get a better workout. Unless you are competing in a Just Dance 4 competition for a cash prize your score doesn’t matter when it comes to exercising. Also, if a competition like this exists please contact me ASAP.


2. Swing those hips and move those feet! No, there isn’t a Wii remote attached to your hips watching your every hip swing. If you do the bare minimum to get by in the game you will NOT get an aerobic workout. I know, we can’t all have 9 years of dance experience from Miss Debbie’s dance studio like myself, but as you try harder you will get better. Don’t get discouraged. It is difficult to look like what you’re seeing on the screen. You just won’t. And if you do, then I just helped you recognize a hidden talent. You’re welcome. 


3. Get those arms up. Raising your arms above your heart immediately intensifies your workout. If your arms are tired, you’re doing it right!


Just Dance 4 has a great selection of songs. You can find it where video games are sold or on by clicking here. It’s a nice change up from your regular exercise regimen. And now for your viewing pleasure, here is a short video of me rocking out in my living room. Just FYI, I felt a lot more awesome than it looks.