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The Truth About Diet Soda (An Infographic)

I watch one documentary and suddenly I’m an expert. Yep, that’s how I roll. I was a diet soda addict. It was a little unreal. Even though I felt bloated and gross after drinking it. 


It has been officially been without diet soda or any diet drink for 50 days! I never thought giving it up would be so easy, but I took the whole killing brain cell research to heart. 


I put together this infographic to hopefully convince you too. This could have been a lot longer! So if you are still not convinced, check out my sources, you will find even more nauseating side effects. 


  • Great work on the graphic. Just wanted to let you know that ‘neurotoxic’ is an adjective. If you’re describing aspartame, you would say it is a neurotoxin (noun).

    • Thanks for catching that Rachael, I will be sure to change it as soon as possible.

  • Thanks so much for posting the diet drink stats! I went off diet coke for my new years resolution and I’m already feeling so much better! I convinced my fiance to try the no-DC thing for lent, and he’s feeling better, too. Now I just need to wean myself off Splenda! I love your blog- great recipes and inspiration!

    • Thanks, Jen! What really inspired me to make a few major changes was the documentary Hungry For Change. It is on Netflix if you’re interested. After watching that giving up diet soda was a walk in the park. I’m glad to hear you have given it up and convinced your fiancé to try 40 days without!

  • I believe your facts and am emotionally for your info program, but I have been a DC addict for over 30 years and cannot see a way to possibly give it up. Want to, just can’t. After one day, I’m on a killing path for a soda!

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