Before we begin, please note that at the beginning of this story the above picture meant nothing to me. 

I recently attended an annual conference, BlogHer, in Chicago and had the opportunity to listen to a panel of health experts talk about building healthy habits. The experts included an ER physician, Andrew Mellen, Erika Nicole Kendall, Lisa Leake and Kymberly Williams-Evans.

The session was incredibly interesting and I never really thought about how home organization can improve your health. It was an hour and a half long, but it felt so short and I could have listened to all of them talk for hours. The discussion went over on time so unfortunately I had to leave and didn’t have time to stick around for the Q&A portion. I was bummed that I didn’t have the opportunity to pick their brains and hear more of their knowledge.

However, I saw the ER doctor later in the afternoon I was ecstatic. During the discussion he mentioned how he ate fast food for 6 days straight and documented how he felt. I immediately went right up and started chattering his ear off… but slightly confused as to why all these women were getting their picture taken with him. I knew he had wrote a book, which was sitting out. I instantly assumed that this book was full of information that I needed to have so I wrote down the title.

“I attended the healthy habit discussion this morning,” I began, “and I can completely relate to what you said.”

I was like a kid meeting Big Bird.

This woman next to me interjects with, “She’s only interested in what you said because you’re attractive.” I turned to her with an extremely confused look on my face, saw the camera in her hand and brushed it off, I had questions to ask. 

“I’m really looking forward to reading the series about when you ate fast food for 6 days straight, today was actually the first day I’ve heard about this.” I continued.

And so we began a brief discussion and I ended with “thank you for taking the time to speak with me, I’m really looking forward to sharing this information with my readers.”

Off I went and ran into my new friend, Tara (below). “I was talking to that doctor from the discussion this morning and this woman announced to everyone that I was only speaking to him because he was attractive. Isn’t that weird?” I asked. 

Tara agreed and we went along our way catching up with another friend who I was compelled to say once more “I was talking to that doctor…” At which point, Tara interjects with “Ohhh! It’s probably because he was the Season 8 Bachelor.”

“WHAT?! Like the ABC Bachelor? That reality show?” It was evident to me at that moment I needed to get my nose out of books and into the television to immediately avoid looking like a toolbox in the future.

If only I had been following the conference on Twitter and Instagram I would have seen all the pictures posted with him.

“He is probably really grateful you didn’t know who he was.” Tara assured me.

“He probably thinks I’m some airhead trying to hit on him.” I replied.


Believe it or not, it actually gets a little better. About 5 minutes after talking to Dr. Travis, I headed over to get my picture with Pioneer Woman.

I was so excited, I revealed to her, “I’ve never met a celebrity before!”

“Where’s the celebrity?” She asked looking around with a smile on her face.

“Hello! Right here!” I said and she laughed. The picture was snapped and I went on with my day.


Don’t we look good together? 

You can watch Dr. Stork talk about the side effects of fast food here. And his book, The Lean Belly Prescription looks pretty great too. I learned several great tips by sitting in on this discussion and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you next week. 

AND just in case Dr. Stork happens to stumble across this blog post (and he might because I’m going to tag him in a tweet) let me cover all my bases:

Dear Dr. Stork, 

I promise I really wasn’t trying to get into your pants, I am just very passionate about healthy living. I watched the first season of “The Bachelor,” but I was pretty upset when that d-bag didn’t pick Trista that I just stopped watching it. I’ve never heard of your talk show “The Doctors” because it is on at an inconvenient time for me, but I’m sure it is really great. Thank you taking the time to speak to me. I thought you telling me you get a brown rice bowl at Chipotle when you splurge was kind of a cop out, but I’m willing to look past it. I also appreciate you humoring me while I mentioned Skinny Sometimes at the end of our conversation. I’m sure our paths will never cross again, so all the best to you and your beautiful wife (I Googled you). 

Shannon Vetere