I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty awesome at not going to the gym. Here is a short sampling of excuses I may have used in the past: 


1. I have a bunion. I used this one a lot in college when my roommates would go. Of course, they didn’t fall for it, but they didn’t press the issue either. Would you question a bunion? Probably not. The only way to prove someone has a bunion is to look at it. This is great. In fact, I think I will put this one back in circulation. 


2. I forgot my sneakers. I’ve used this one on Mr. Fitness. I like to use it when I had every intention of going to the gym after work, but at the last minute I decide not to go. Not going to the gym because you don’t have sneakers is a pretty valid excuse (when you did actually forget them). Just be sure to immediately remove your sneakers from your gym bag and keep them far apart once you arrive home to your unsuspecting spouse. 


3. The underwear I’m wearing will give me panty lines in my gym pants. I’ve used this excuse on myself. I didn’t actually say this one out loud to anyone. I told myself that I couldn’t possibly have a good workout if I didn’t look great. 


4. Its my rest day… number 6. No one needs to know how many rest days I’ve taken previously. Maybe I just ran a marathon that I forgot to mention anything about. You don’t know me. 


5. The gym is always so crowded at this time and my machines are always being used. “My” machines… because I’m THAT hardcore about strength training. It’s so annoying, you wouldn’t understand unless your really into weight lifting… like me. 


I know that the only person I’m fooling is myself, and I do a pretty bad job at that too. I’ve found that if I’m on resting a bunion for 28 days with sneakers no where to be found, then I probably need to switch up my routine. I’ve learned that I absolutely, positively cannot stick to any sort of fitness plan whether its strength training, a workout DVD, anything. One day, I might run. The next, do resistance bands. In fact, I recently stopped going to the gym because it shouldn’t be a chore. My only goal is to be active so that my clothes fit and I feel healthy. 


If you find yourself making excuses, reevaluate your routine. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe what you’re doing isn’t that important to you. There are so many different ways to be active that you can find something. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to follow a certain program because you might rebel against yourself and not do anything at all. One day, you may find a specific program you really like, but in the meantime, don’t force one on yourself or you might resort to one of the excuses I may have used.