I recently discovered this treadmill workout on Pinterest, from Prevention Magazine. I was really excited to try this workout because it was different. I first tried it at home on my treadmill. I absolutely loved it. I jogged where I should have walked, the half hour went by quickly and I was drenched in sweat. I WAS SO EXCITED. I immediately texted Amanda and told her that we had to do this together, up the intensity and turn it into a video. 


I had some trouble initially getting used to shuffling on the treadmill. The Prevention Magazine website suggested you start very slow, around 2 mph. And so I did at home. By the end of the first workout I was used to the shuffle and I was able to increase the speed up to 2.5-3 mph. I really thought I had mastered it. I couldn’t wait to show Amanda what I could do. 


And so we started the workout. I was feeling really good and increasing my speed. I was unstoppable. However, when I fell off the treadmill while going backwards and just hopped back on, I face plummeted into the machine PUNCTURING my lip. My tooth is intact and it all ended well. Do not be afraid to try this workout because of me, here are a few tips to help you prevent an injury. 


1. GO SLOW. Prevention Magazine isn’t kidding when they say to do this. You will be a bit disoriented and may become dizzy. To prevent the dizziness try to not look down. Look up and focus on one spot, known in dancing as “spotting.” 


2. If you get nervous about falling or being dizzy, just stop moving. The treadmill belt will take you off. As long as you are not going fast it will not catapult you into the air. 


3. IF you do fall off, REGROUP, give yourself all the time you need to reorient yourself and DO NOT under any circumstance step onto the moving belt no matter how slow you have your speed set to. You will indeed face plummet into the machine. INSTEAD, step onto the non-moving side rails, hold onto the railings and lift yourself up over the belt and gradually step onto the moving belt. Voila. This will prevent you from diving tooth-first into gym equipment. 


For your viewing pleasure, here is the part of the workout where I almost snapped my neck. You can also view the workout below if you would like to try this on your own. Just keep my tips in mind! Amanda and I added a mile run before the original workout in the link above. We also added in 3 rounds of shuffle left, shuffle right and jog backwards. Have fun and be careful!