How incredible would it be to show up to a pool party without putting any thought into it? 

Well I’m excited to introduce you to my new friends today, Amanda, Allegra, Dani, Olivia and Ramsey. Every pool party they went to this summer they actually had fun and got into the pool. 

It was a great experience interviewing these little beans because it gave me a new perspective. They were all so excited to show up and swim with each other. In fact, when Olivia arrived, she hopped out of her mom’s van wearing only her flip flops and super cute peace sign patterned swimsuit and ran into the house with lots of excitement. She wasn’t hesitant and didn’t worry about wearing a cover-up. 

When it came time for me to interview them, all the girls wanted their swimsuits to be seen. It wasn’t even a question. “Oh? I’m going to be on video? Great, then you need to see my cool swimsuit.” That’s what it seemed like they all wanted to say. 

When it came time to take a group picture around the pool, they were mostly concerned with capturing a great pose. Splashing was not an issue. They were not worried about getting their hair wet or ruining their makeup. 

They taught me a lot of things I wasn’t expecting. One being that goggles are super sensible. When is the last time you wore goggles to a pool party? Um, hello. They help you see underwater which is convenient for pool time fun. But mostly, they reminded me that pool parties were once fun before I was exposed to the media and other’s opinions about what your body should look like in a swimsuit. 

Be sure to watch the vlog where you can meet the ladies, hear what they have to say and you might just learn a thing or two from them about not being self-conscious. 

Lastly, a HUGE thanks to all these little beans and their moms!