My most recent funk was before Mr Fitness and I left for Portland. I bought a new dress for the trip the that I wanted to look great in. I didn’t need to lose weight, but I wanted to tighten a few muscles up. I decided I would do cardio in the morning and strength training at night which required me to go to the gym after work. I put a lot of pressure on myself. A LOT. I was counting calories and driving myself crazy all for a stupid dress.


Funks are just disguised self-pity parties. Its okay to look at areas of your life that you want to improve upon, but to constantly beat yourself up over every tiny mistake is exhausting. 


Balance. It’s what this blog is all about. And sometimes, cute dresses mess up the mentality that I truly believe in. If you make healthy choices most of the time, eat when you’re hungry and stop eating when you’re full, you are going to be able to maintain your weight pretty easily. It wasn’t easy, but I eventually came out of my funk and here’s how:


Do away with dieting. When you become obsessed with counting every carb or calorie and avoiding foods you love, you’re only setting yourself up for disaster. Make better choices by eating cleaner foods. Its okay to indulge sometimes on foods you love without binging.


Help others. When we become discouraged and upset with ourselves, we often become pretty self absorbed. I am so guilty of this. Focusing on someone other than yourself is often helpful. I’m not saying volunteer all your time to charity, just do simple good deeds. If your friend had a bad day give a her a call and let her vent. If you’re husband has been supportive during your funk, make him his favorite dinner. Doing little things for people you is instant happiness. 


Exercise moderately. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Enjoy the scenes around you and the fresh air. Or take a beginners yoga class. When I’m in a funk and I’m trying to get an intense workout in but can’t get in the right mindset, I feel even crummier. Take the pressure off yourself for a bit, but still stay active.


Relax! Download a guided meditation from iTunes or just lay on your back and focus on your breathing. Take your mind off of food and fitness. Putting pressure on yourself often causes unnecessary anxiety. 


Throw away any plans or regimens you think you need to follow and do what makes you happy. Ultimately, start doing things that make you happy and you will kick that funk to the curb in no time.