It’s been a great week, but I totally sucked at taking pictures of it. I also think there was minimal snow this week? It’s hard for me to remember seeing this winter has been a white blur. 


  • Hummus Corner – An expensive, but delicious Valentine’s Day dinner. It was super romantic. We shoveled food in our mouths and grunted. This was one of my favorite places to eat at my past job. Mr. Vetere loves it now too. 



  • Bonefish Grill – I normally don’t like chain restaurants too much, but my friend Jen got me hooked on this one (and she doesn’t usually like chains either). I met up with Crystal so we could get $3 glasses of wine and seafood. 



  • Pickles. Pickles. More Pickles. I’ve been really into pickles lately. 
  • Lots of oranges. Oranges are actually my favorite fruit. I like peeling them and then having my hands smell like oranges for the rest of my day. 
  • Chinese Fooooood! Wonton soup and steamed chicken and broccoli. Hit the spot. No picture. I inhaled it, but I love catching up with my friend, Denise. She was actually my photographer professor in college. We always have a ton of laughs. 
  • I’m looking forward to trying this “Green Guru” smoothie via Cassandra Bodzak. It looks super creamy and I’ve been wanting to try avocado in my green smoothies. 
  • This Steak Dinner Foil pack I created for The Sweaty Betties. It has quickly become a popular recipe! The great part about this is that Mr. Vetere said “I don’ think that’s going to work, babe” as I put it in the oven. 


  • Went to the dentist for a 6-month check. I’m gonna brag for a second. No cavities! I have awesome dental hygiene genetics. Seriously. 
  • Not dying in Bikram. 
  • Moving my muscles on a regular basis
  • Telling myself it’s okay to look up the results of the Olympics and going to bed instead of playing NBC’s game of “Let’s see how long we can keep her awake for no reason other than our own benefit.” 

Things I Find Neat

  • Funny cat pictures. I’m that girl. I send cat pictures to Elizabeth all day long. I’m really grateful that my best friend also loves cats and appreciates a good funny feline photo.
  • What To Eat At The Movies” via Sarah Dussault 
  • This cardio dance workout via Cassey Ho
  • Exercise Swaps via Tara Sabo
  • Skinny Single-Serving Microwave Brownie (I don’t think you need convincing on this one) via Amy of Foods For the Soul
  • 4 Hot Items Every Girl Needs In Her Travel Bag via FitGirl Travels… can you tell I’m getting excited for Aruba?
  • I also saw The Wolf of Wall Street, it was good. Longer movies usually don’t hold my attention span no matter how critically acclaimed they are. It was a fun date night nonetheless. 

Tell me your great eats, little feats and things you found neat this week!