With the release of the summer issue coming up next week, I’ve been pretty busy! When the weather is nice and time permits, I’ve been enjoying evening jogs, but I don’t always have time for a 45-60 minute run. I created this quick circuit for when I’m running short on time. It is short series of exercises that get your heart rate up quickly, with rests just when you need them, but not too long so you don’t waste time. 

Lately I’ve really been loving exercising after work. I tried for the longest time to become a morning exerciser, but I’ve found that my daily life is much more efficient if I do it in the evening. It works off the stress of the day and helps me sleep better. 

This “Get It Done” workout is quick and helps you wait for it… get it done! Typically, this isn’t my motto. Maybe I’m coming down with something? I think strep is going around.