I don’t care what you say, we’ve all done it. We have all bought a special treat (in bulk) for ourselves only to find it completely gone in a day, hours or seconds later. 


One of my biggest weaknesses is cereal of all varieties. I picked up two boxes during my routine grocery shopping. A few days later (by a few, I really mean just one) both boxes were completely gone. I was embarrassed. So naturally, I just put the empty boxes back in the pantry and tried to let it go.


What happened next? Well, I’m sure my husband would love to tell you this part. But no, no, please allow me. 


A day or two later, I walked into the kitchen and there he is, laughing so hard, holding his stomach with one hand and an empty box in the other. I was still embarrassed, but to his defense, it was pretty funny. We laughed together for a few minutes.


For those of you wondering, “Why would you put the empty boxes back in the pantry knowing that he would find it?” Easy. The two cereals were sugary, chocolatey and oh-so-delicious. Mr. Fitness wouldn’t dare. He claims to this day that he was just “moving it to get to something else” and then he “felt how light it was.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t analyze the weight of boxes as I casually move them to the side to reach for something healthier. 



Just wait, it gets better. 



A few days later, I had moved on. I bounced back and was making healthier choices. I then received a text message from Amanda. “What’s this about the cereal?” 


Oh, no, he didn’t. 


That’s right. Mr. Fitness and Ms. Fitness talked at the gym. Lovely. I was furious at first, but laughed it off later that night, after I told Mr. Fitness to quit announcing the multitude of my binge to the media. 


Here are my suggestions on how to not eat an entire box:

1. If you can’t just have a serving one day and save the other servings for other days, just don’t buy it. Put it down, and walk away. Keeping it out of your house or reach is probably in your best interest. 

2. If you must buy it, try to find a small quantity. I know this isn’t cost-efficient, but buying something everyday isn’t either. I also keep it in an area I don’t always go into, such as my baking cabinet. This way, when I am hungry and open the pantry to find I snack, I won’t see it there taunting me. 

3. A lot of people will suggest counting to 100 and then re-evaluating your appetite. The teeny, tiny fat person inside of me doesn’t know how to count. I prefer to just call someone to distract me until the the teeny person falls into a food comatose.


4. I also have heard to distract yourself with an activity. The teeny, tiny fat person has a one-track mind. He doesn’t know how to read a book or play solitaire. It can be done, try to focus. Always have a mindless, light-hearted fiction book on hand or a gossip magazine. You can also distract yourself with going for a short run. I know, I know. You probably think I would be the last person on earth the suggest this. However, if you can get yourself away from food, and go for a run, you’re going to feel better. Amanda once told me that exercise temporarily shrinks your stomach. I believe this, because it can kill my immediate appetite. And if you are still truly, hungry afterwards, you will be more apt to choosing something healthier. 



5. If you want to indulge, but are lacking in the self-control department, share with a friend. If I want a homemade brownie or cookies, I will bake some so I can have a serving and then give out the rest to friends. 


Here’s what to do if you’ve already eaten the box:

1. Laugh it off. Don’t feel guilty. We all have weak moments. Think about ways you can prevent it in the future and plan a workout in the near future. 


2. Do not turn around and eat more. The day is not done. You need to eat 3500 calories on top of the 1800-2000 calories a day to gain 1 pound. Chances are you did not eat 5500 calories in one sitting. Continuing to binge will only make you feel worse. 


3. Stay off the scale for the next couple of days. Many of the treats we indulge in are higher in sodium and can make you retain pounds of water weight. Seeing that number on the scale is discouraging and will keep you off track. 


We all have weak moments, so don’t give up. Keep trying and always laugh at yourself!