I’ve recently made several positive changes to my lifestyle that I’m excited to share! Although my New Year’s resolutions were not health or fitness related, I watched the documentary “Hungry For Change” on NYE and was instantly inspired. The next day I made some pretty dramatic changes. Two weeks in I am full of energy and excited about the changes in myself.


1. I started sleeping more. I have never made sleep a priority, in fact, I’ve said on more than one occasion that sleep is a waste of time. Well, it’s not. It’s not easy to exercise when you’re tired or even eat right for that matter. Last week, I didn’t post any new entries because I was in bed by 8:30 every night. I will admit 8:30 is a little too early, but I was trying to catch up. Moving forward I would like to begin winding down by 9 and asleep by 10.


2. I started juicing. I am most excited about this change. Fruits and vegetables upset my stomach, but I love that juicing gives me all these nutrients and makes it easier for my digestion. I’m looking forward to sharing everything I’m learning about juicing and some recipes in the near future.


3. I eliminated gluten. I do not have a severe allergy, but after taking some advice to eliminate it in hopes that it would alleviate some of my allergy and asthma symptoms, I’ve realized that I have a slight intolerance. I have actually gone a few nights without taking allergy medicine already. I’m also ecstatic because all of my stomach aches have stopped and I don’t look like I’m 9-months bloated anymore. This has also resulted in munching on clean snacks during the day instead of unhealthy carbs such as crackers and pretzels. I do plan on eating gluten products out at restaurants or during social gatherings every now and again in the future, but right now I just feel too good without it.


4. I actually gave up soda and sugar substitutes. This was because of the documentary. I always knew it was bad, but the movie spelled it out for me in a way that really made me understand it. I used to love me a good diet soda, but now knowing what I know, I just can’t bring myself to drink it. I don’t even crave it anymore.


5. I’m more aware of chemicals and refined sugar in my food and the effects they have on my body. Being aware of this has already helped me make better choices with meals and snack times. I really like to eat and try new products, so I will never completely eliminate this. In fact, my New Year’s resolution is to eat more Nutella. I’ve most certainly been following through on that.


While I felt very inspired to make a few changes, I won’t be switching to any extremes. I won’t follow the Paleo diet or eat completely clean. I think it is easy to get caught up in a new inspiring idea and want to do everything perfectly. That is when I tend to become obsessive. So on the flip side, here is what I will NOT be doing:


1. I will NOT stop spending time with friends at happy hours and gatherings to avoid chemically processed food. I will make better choices eating out or decide to indulge.


2. I will NOT swear off junk food forever. In fact, I still plan on keeping it in the house. What I want to start doing is putting in more nutrients than junk. By focusing on eating nutrient-rich foods, I’m not hungry for the other stuff as much.


3. I will NOT be examining every piece of food that enters my body with a microscope. I’m not training for a show or have a severe allergy so there is no reason to get carried away.


I’ve never made changes in my diet strictly for health reasons. There has never been a reason and I’ve never cared that much about it. “Hungry For Change” talks about working on yourself “from the inside out.” I just love this. If you give your body what it needs such as nutrients and sleep, your body is going to start working for you. Seriously, just watch the documentary.