I just finished washing and prepping my fruits and vegetables for the week and I am exhausted. When you decide to start juicing you really need to be committed. I don’t want to scare you, but here is why:


1. From what I’ve read, you want to drink your juice on an empty stomach. It just helps you absorb all the nutrients. Which is fine, but if you work full-time this is challenging because you need to make time for it in the morning. Which takes me to my next point…


2. Juicers are a pain in neck to clean. They have a lot of parts and you need to wash it carefully and you will want to wash it carefully because juicers are expensive. For me, this means washing it at 6:30 am. It can be rough. 


3. To get the full impact of juicing, you need to drink the juice immediately after juicing it. So that means NOT juicing the night before. Throw me a bone, Mother Nature. 


4. Leafy green vegetable juice is the best juice for you. !@#$%^&  You will want to start with mild vegetables, such as romaine and cucumbers. Trust me on this. What I have been doing is using a lot of leafy greens and throwing in a serving a fruit. Sweet fruits such as oranges, grapes or apples are delicious and really help the bitter taste of leafy greens. 


I’ve realized you need to buy your fruits and vegetables at the beginning of the week, wash, chop them, and separate in portions so you don’t have to think about it early in the morning. I need to drink the same juice all week long in order to be cost-effective. So if I don’t like a juice right off the bat, I will force myself to drink it for the rest of the week… like last week…


I was so excited when I started juicing that I wanted to do everything perfect (surprise). Last week for 5 consecutive days I drank beet, celery, carrot, spinach, kale and apple juice. It was by far the grossest thing ever. I titled it “The Beet Massacre.” That’s what it looked like, that’s what it tasted like and I shiver thinking about it. Don’t try to get in every possible nutrient at once. Take your time and figure out what you like. 


So now that I’ve whined about juicing, let me tell you that it is completely worthwhile. I juiced every day for 3 weeks straight. This past weekend I went to NJ for Mr. Fitness’ Surprise 30th birthday party (post coming later)! I didn’t feel like going grocery shopping Sunday so I waited until Monday night after work. I’ve been 3 days without juice, I’ve eaten gluten and lots of refined sugar and I feel really horrible and gross. Needless to say, I’m really ready to get back on track this week! 


Lastly, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to quit cursing. It’s hard. Obviously I need to add some more animated words to my vocabulary. That’s what I’ve realized most. I’ve been using the word “livid” quite a bit. Mr. Fitness think this hilarious and has started cursing even more. I once read that some people use their own language and other people pick up on other’s. I’m that person who is a sponge and if I hear a word enough I will start using it involuntarily. 


I haven’t been perfect, but I realize when I’m saying it and I even flinch a little when I think or read it. I’m getting there. I do believe by 2014 I will be back to being the lady I once was, the lady my mother raised. Maybe juicing will also help get this impurity out? 😉