I first discovered McCormick Gourmet Recipe & Seasoning Mixes on a Sunday morning while doing my weekly grocery shopping. I always make dinner for Mr. Fitness on Sunday evenings. It is the only time during the week we sit down and have dinner together. Initially, I had wrote down ingredients for a much more complicated recipe that I had never tried before. I wanted a nice dinner, but it was a long week and I really didn’t feel like cooking. 


Then I saw these seasoning packets. I picked up the packet for the Chicken Penne and all I needed was chicken, diced tomatoes, half and half and pasta. I used fat free half and half and it worked perfectly! In fact, at first I hid the packet from Mr. Fitness. He inhaled it. I showed him the packet and he couldn’t wait to try the other varieties. Also, the recipes don’t stop on the packets. If you go online to McCormick’s site they have even more recipes you can use the seasoning for. We have not tried any of these yet because there is already so much variety with the packets themselves.


I can’t stop raving about these. You seriously need to drop what you’re doing right now and run to the store. They can be found with the other gravy/sauces packets. This is why I am in love with them so much:


1. You’re literally prepping/cooking for 30 minutes. These packets don’t even claim to be 30-minutes or less. I’ve tried 30-minute meals in the past and they’ve taken me 2+ hours. All the seasonings are in one place and it doesn’t require too much time. 


2. One Sunday I wasn’t feeling well and Mr. Fitness made the Chicken Scaloppine for us. Mr. Fitness can grill well and knows how to cook rice and pasta but he isn’t great in the seasoning department. He did a great job and he saved our Sunday dinner! That’s right, even your husband can whip you up an amazing dinner. 


3. You can pronounce all the ingredients in the packet. I’m not an clean, all-natural eater, but I don’t like to eat chemicals either. These are so delicious as long as you are only adding lean meats and lower fat/sodium ingredients to these it is a wholesome meal. 


Like I’ve said, these seasoning packets are AMAZING. The fun doesn’t stop for a quick family meal. Here are a few other ideas of how you can these:


1. Dinner Parties. Yes, no joke. Trust me, I’m the type of person who loves to slave all day making complicated recipes from scratch but your guests will never know if you don’t want them to know.


2. Gift baskets. A nice basket filled with a seasoning packet and the ingredients needed in the recipe is a great gift for someone! I love the gift of convenience. 


3. New Mothers. A family or friend just had a baby and you’re going to visit but haven’t had time to make a meal. Whip one of these up and they will think you slaved over it in the kitchen. 


Alright this post is over now. What are you going to do? That’s right take a quick detour to the grocery store and grab a few of these packets.