I’ve been loving to do two quick exercises with a short rest. It goes by faster and I am much more likely to do it without a lot of dancing in between. That’s why I created this workout. I added in a quick step interval at the end of each set to keep my heart rate up. If you are working out at home without a step, just substitute a different cardio interval, such as high knees or butt kickers. 

Never underestimate the power of jumping jacks. Never

Several of you have been requesting more information about how to do each exercise. Thank you for the feedback and I realize it hasn’t been easy to decipher! Please contact me if you need instructions with a specific exercise in past workouts. Starting today, I will be providing links or video to how to do each exercise in the workout. 

Step Intervals – See instructions for “Basic Step.”

Toe Touches, Lunges with Slams, Squats with Overhead Press, Weighted Superman, Rock ‘N Rolls – See this great article by Greatist and even find some new medicine ball exercises you might like to use! The weighted superman is very challenging. Don’t hesitate to modify this by putting the ball down! Also, the rock ‘n rolls were difficult for me, but Amanda had no trouble. 


Inchworms – I went a little too fast on these, when you watch the video pay attention to how slow Amanda is doing hers. You should always look towards her in the videos for guidance. Just look at me if you want to laugh. 

Alternating Push-Ups with Medicine Ball – Modify this by doing the push-ups on your knees if necessary. 

Medicine Ball Burpees