Mr. Fitness turns the big 3-0 today! I think I am more excited than he is. I made these German chocolate cake bars for him to take to work. That’s right, when your husband turns 30 you need to send him to work with treats for him and his friends. I don’t talk about him too much on the blog but I am completely smitten over him. Here are some fun facts about Mr. Fitness:


1. “Mr. Fitness” was a nickname I gave to him when I decided not to use his name on the blog for professional reasons. It just came to me one day when writing this post. After that it just kind of stuck. His co-workers tease him about it and I giggle. 


2. He has been into exercising and eating healthy since we first met my sophomore year and his junior year in college. He would be eating grilled chicken and broccoli while I would be munching on frozen bean and cheese burritos (I really miss those). 


3. Every morning he eats 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 eggs, 4 egg whites, cottage cheese and yogurt. Every. Single. Morning. I’m pretty sure I’m missing something. I have to buy two huge tubs of oatmeal and 6 dozen eggs each week. 


4. He also goes through 2 big packs of chicken breast a week. Yes, it’s exhausting to watch him eat. A family of 4 probably spends less on groceries than the 2 of us. 


5. I benefit most from his physical fitness when I am watching “Dancing With The Stars” and I see a lift I want to try. He usually humors me and tries it. At our wedding he even lifted me up like in “Dirty Dancing.” I messed it up though, I need to work on my form.


6. We’ve been together for a total of 9 years and married for over 3. I haven’t opened a door or carried anything heavy in his presence since 2003. It’s pretty amazing. 


7. Mr. Fitness has a weakness for Italian cooking and pies. His father came to America from Italy when he was 6 years old. Mr. Fitness grew up eating fresh sauce, pasta, vegetables picked from the garden and everything else you can think of. This is what really inspired me to start cooking. I wanted to impress him with recipes from scratch. Nothing is more satisfying than making him a new recipe he just raves about the entire time while eating it. 


8. He complains that he has trouble gaining weight and keeping it on. I know. TRAGEDY. I have absolutely no sympathy for him when it comes to this. Zero. Nada. Zilch. I just roll my eyes and pretend my apple is a brownie. 


9. Mr. Fitness loves to clean. He sprays the couch with Febreeze… while I am sitting on it. Sometimes he takes a lint roller to the cats. Once, he used furniture polish on our wood floors. I almost slid to my death several times. People always comment on how white our carpet is. It’s because he steam cleans them. 


10. I fell in love him with him for his personality and sense of humor. He always make me laugh until I start wheezing. Obviously, I was attracted to his good looks, but I never really thought too much about muscles. When I was 19, I pretty much thought muscles were something only celebrities and professional athletes had. I can now attest to the fact that I do really enjoy his muscles. They’re nice to look at. Very nice. 


Mr. Fitness has a long day at work. Maybe he will actually read my post today. Maybe. Fingers crossed. If so, happy birthday, I love you very, very much (even in your old age).