This workout is of course from our favorite app, Workout Trainer by Skimble. You can view the full workout here. We varied it slightly because of our resources. Amanda chose to do the Olympic “Circuit Challenge” By Skimble because it was an intense, full body workout for only 32 minute. We were short on time, so she told the app what she was looking for and it suggested this one along with several others. This workout is free, but I would suggest becoming a Pro Member because its inexpensive and you always have what seems to be endless workouts in your pocket for a busy lifestyle. 




A Few Suggestions:

1. Do not workout to Amanda’s 5-year old daughter’s playlist which includes beats from Alvin and the Chipmunks. It doesn’t keep you going. 

2. Do not talk about the junk foods you love while working out, that doesn’t help either. 

3. Intense workouts are always more “fun” with a friend. 

4. You can’t beat a great workout shirt that makes you feel comfortable, makes you smile and gives you some motivation. My “AwesoMEness” tee is from the Nike Activewear line at Kohls

5. It never hurts to do a victory slide at the end of your workout, NEVER.