Good posture is hard, hard work. I managed to do my stretches and back exercises throughout the week. I can’t say that I see or feel a real a huge difference in myself just yet, but I am much more aware of my back, shoulders and hip flexors… and they aren’t as sore as they were just a few days ago. 

When I first started a week ago, I could only hold a seated pigeon pose for 30 seconds. Now I’m up to a full minute. I have never felt so sore from stretching. It hurt so badly I would be out of breath trying to conceal my pain. 

I also taught Oliver how to take pride in himself so he doesn’t look like a bump on the log:



As you can see, we’ve been focusing on our posture in the Vetere home. We’re exuding lots of self-confidence and ready for a picture from any angle, at any moment. 

Amanda and I recorded a posture workout yesterday. This is for beginners like myself. As these exercises get easier I might have to head back to the gym to use heavier weights and more diverse exercises. However, I’m feeling pretty confident that my current routine is going to be difficult for weeks to come!