I have horrible posture. I’ve known this forever and I’ve made attempts to fix it for about a day until I return into my typical slump. Now that I have my bloating under control I noticed that I still have a little bit of a belly that sticks out. I knew I wasn’t bloated, I knew I didn’t need to lose weight, I knew I never had a child before… so I was confused. I did a little research and that research turned into a lesson from Amanda.

The wrong posture can make any skinny girl look like she just ate a large lunch. The little bit of research I did help me realize that sitting down all day in front of computer without sitting up straight can really take a toll on your lower back. Guilty. 

However, the right hip stretches and back exercises can help straighten your back and suck in your stomach naturally. Amanda gave me a lesson and I pinky promised her I would do the stretches every day and the back exercises three times a week. 

You can see the good posture vs. bad posture below:




Apparently, poor posture also gives you an oafy face. 

It seems like an easy fix, but it is going to take sticking with the exercises and stretches until it becomes much more natural for me. It seems like stretches would be easy, but I had trouble walking out of the gym. My back is also sore from doing the exercises without weight so Amanda could make sure I was doing them correctly. It hurt…


Amanda knew that I wouldn’t do a day of just back exercises. So she gave me 2 exercises and told me  to take it slow, do as many as I could and focus on the actual muscle. It’s a rough road ahead, but I’m pretty excited to eventually not look awkward in pictures. Here is a video of Amanda showing me the stretches for the first time.


Do you have poor posture?

If you have good posture, when did you learn it? As a child or as an adult?