My boss gave me Food In Jars by Marisa McClellan as a just because gift. It was a pleasant surprise! I never really considered canning anything before. I had absolutely no knowledge about it. I didn’t realize how much you could actually can! This book has everything from jams, nut and fruit butters, granolas, sauces and more. 


The recipes are small quantities and what I love the most is that you actually know what is going into the jar. It’s the perfect combination of indulgent and health-conscious recipes, which is just what Skinny Sometimes prefers. 


I do not have any canning supplies yet except for jars. Therefore, I decided to try the maple almond butter recipe. This almond butter doesn’t involve the sealing process. After you finish making it, you just pop it into the jar and it will keep in the fridge for up to 1 month. What I liked most about it is that it only needed 4 ingredients; almonds, maple syrup, walnut oil and salt. It was absolutely delicious. Almond butter is so expensive in stores. You can take out the middle man and have fresh almond butter with this recipe. 


Marisa’s blog is filled with amazing recipes. Some of the recipes in the book are available on the blog, like the maple almond butter, but many are not. One of the recipes I’m looking forward to trying in the book is her marinara. Which is the first reason I recommend purchasing this book, to get more even recipes. Marisa also walks you through the ins and outs of canning. Second, the book has a great cover. It looks perfect sitting out in my kitchen with it’s rustic design. And lastly, if you don’t buy it for yourself it would make a great gift. Depending what your budget is you could also give the book with some canning supplies.