This past weekend I went to see “Wicked” on Broadway with my mom. It was her Christmas present to me. We have seen a few shows together in NYC and we always have the best time together. 


Once we arrived in NYC and got off the bus we had to figure out where we were going. This is always an adventure. Even using a walking navigation I can still manage to get us lost. This is where the exercise of the day came in. It was sooo cold. My toes went numb and I was having trouble walking because of it. I had a perfectly legitimate fear that I would lose my toes at that moment.


We finally found the theater, picked up our tickets and went off to lunch. We went to the first place we saw and I quickly sat down and took my boots off to start massaging my toes. Karen, the RN suggested this. She even offered to do it for me… in the restaurant. Obviously, the love of a mother is unconditional. I didn’t take her up on that offer. I already stuck out as a tourist in my ski jacket and crossover purse, I didn’t need to draw more attention to myself. 


We ordered hot tea immediately and soup. Nothing felt hot enough to either one of us. I was convinced I would never be warm again. After our hot meals and more hot tea, I could feel my feet. Please remember this for later in the week when I tell you about what Amanda was doing while I was in NYC, bundled up and almost having a run-in with frostbite. 


After lunch, we headed off to M&M World before the show started. I had a hankering for peanut M&Ms that night before and she picked me up two bags. I saved one for the bus ride. We ended up eating it around 10:30 in the morning. We were sad that they were gone and decided we should go to M&M World once we arrived to NYC so we would have some on the ride home. 


We probably didn’t need to spend $35 on M&Ms, but we did and went along our way. We enjoyed some during intermission, at Starbucks while waiting for the bus, on the way home and I even put a few in my oatmeal the next morning, I had a few in the car ride home back to my house and munched on some before my workout with Amanda. I’ve also been thinking about how I can eliminate more chemicals from my diet. I popped M&Ms in my mouth as I pondered this notion. It’s only a problem if you make it one. 


After spending a small fortune on sugar, we headed off to the theater. I didn’t know too much about the story beforehand, but I absolutely loved it. The most unforgettable musical number in “Wicked” was “Defying Gravity.” It was so powerful. If you have never seen “Wicked” you can get a small glimpse of this here. After the number was over, intermission began and I turned to my mom and said “that must be so amazing to have worked your entire to life to be on Broadway and have a moment like that on stage.”


What was my Mom’s response? “I should have put you in voice lessons.” I rolled my eyes and we laughed. That’s what is so great about my Mom, and my Dad was the same way. My parents always believed in me and as long as I worked hard, they worked hard to try to make resources available to help make my goals reality. I always felt like I could do anything I set my mind to thanks to both of them, and most importantly, I still do. I have never taken that for granted. I will never be on Broadway, it was never a dream of mine. But if it would have been, it’s nice to know my Mom thinks I might actually be able to hold a tune with some training. Again, that’s some serious motherly love. 


We both enjoyed the show and cracked up laughing the whole bus ride home. We are already planning our next bus trip and I can’t wait! Every trip with my mom is always an adventure and we laugh the whole time… you know, when we’re not lost.