I recently had a conversation with my friend, Sandy, about eliminating processed ingredients and chemicals from our diets. We are both very concerned about what is going into our foods and would love to eliminate as much as we could. At one point we even talked about trying to eat a vegan diet temporaily just to see the impact on our health. 

The best part? We stopped mid-conversation to laugh at ourselves because we were having this conversation over some seriously delicious brownies. AND that conversation was very Skinny Sometimes

I make unhealthy choices all the time, so much that I could have a spin off site called Skinny Never. Most of my posts are about making healthy choices, because I do believe it’s best when healthy choices are in the majority… but sometimes it doesn’t alway work out that way. And so, here are just a few unhealthy choices I’ve made recently: 


I don’t know the last time I got 8 hours of sleep. I’m trying to make an effort and I have yet to be successful, but I know I will figure it out. I keep busy and like to be productive. My husband lectures me at least 3x a week about getting sleep. You can see one of these lectures in the photo above. Side note: This screenshot got almost 40 likes on Instagram. I know he is right, he knows he is right, he doesn’t need 40 other people telling him he is right. 

Last night around 11:45 pm, Mr. Fitness enters the bedroom…

Husband: Why are you still awake? 
Me: I was up late writing a post about making unhealthy choices, like not sleeping. 
Husband: Did you put that in the post? 
Me: Yes.
Husband: No you didn’t, really?
Me: Yes, of course I did. 
Husband: Did you put in all the stuff I tell you about sleep?
Me: YES. 


What you see in my lunchbox works great in theory, but sometimes I just not in the mood for that. It’s packed and ready to go but sometimes I just really want a big pasta or rice dish, you know? So I get that. Sometimes I just want cookies for dinner. As long as it isn’t emotional eating and it is something I really want, I go for it. I also try to be conscious of how I feel because that is important to me too and I don’t want food to make my physically feel lousy. 

I’m sure this post is beginning to drag right about now, so here is a picture of Meeko from 2008.




I can’t tell you the last time I picked up a weight, squatted, planked… heck, flexed a muscle. I have been going for sporadic jogs, but lately, if I do anything its a quiet morning walk on the weekends or watching Melissa and Joey while walking a snail’s pace on the treadmill. OR watching Melissa and Joey on the couch has also been my cardio of choice lately. P.S. I really love Melissa and Joey and it’s time the world knows. I have cut back a lot on exercise in order to try and obtain more sleep, but it hasn’t been helping. I don’t think it is okay to be lazy. I do think it is okay to listen to your body. 

Negative Self-Talk

I know I’m constantly yelling at all of you to be nice to yourselves, but I slip up, all the time. In fact, I just got off the phone with a friend who I just admitted my current self-doubting thoughts too which inspired this post. I know it’s unhealthy to talk negatively to myself and I usually catch it and change it right away, but sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it is really hard, but I know it is really important. Recognizing and correcting self-destructive behavior is half the battle. 

Anxiety / Managing Stress

I traveled to Chicago for a conference by myself last month. It was the first time traveling alone to a place where I didn’t know anyone. Five days before I left I woke up with horrible stomach pains from stress. This has happened before about a year ago and I was given a prescription to take on an as-needed basis. I was stubborn and insisted on fixing it on my own without medicine so it took me two days of absolute pain before I finally caved in and took the pills. Which made me feel better… go figure. I have been making more of an attempt to start meditating 5 minutes a day… I’m getting there, but probably not anytime soon. I’m not having panic attacks or experiencing the level of anxiety I have in the past, but regardless, anxiety is anxiety and if it makes me physically sick I obviously don’t have a handle on it. 


I didn’t juice yesterday morning because I decided to sleep a little longer instead and I felt guilty about it for a few minutes. Then I realized, um hello? Seven months ago, I never juiced and I was just fine. I also feel guilty about sleeping too much sometimes and sometimes I feel guilty about doing fun things because I could be working instead. Sometimes I feel guilty about feeling guilty and telling all of you to leave the guilt at the door. I felt guilty about going to the Justin Timberlake concert a couple weeks ago instead of working. Then Justin took the stage and the balance was restored in the world again. Side note: I’m currently obsessed with all things Justin so no regrets about going to the concert. On the jumbo-tron he had bags under his eyes, so I’m not the only one who isn’t getting enough sleep, am I?  P.S. He is still pretty cute with the bags under his eyes. P.P.S. I’m still Team Cameron. 


What are choices you’ve made recently?