I still feel like I’m quite the finicky-eater right now, so my meal plan is very similar to last week. 

Last week I mentioned I was going to sub coconut oil for the peanut butter in my oatmeal. That lasted about a day. (I think I strongly considered it the second day though.) I’m going back to Old Faithful this week. I’m just going to try to watch my peanut butter portion. My stomach, whether I’m being a finicky-eater or not is overly sensitive. It has improved immensely over the years with a healthier diet, but I’ve found I do better when I stick to the same breakfast. It also fills me up for at least 4 hours and it’s probably the only meal that does so. 

I’m back to salads again for lunch, BUT this time I bought protein. I’m still not feeling meat to commit to eating it all week, but I did buy frozen wild-caught Alaskan salmon and shrimp. Mr. Vetere likes to lecture me about salmon. To get all the nutrients you are supposed to get from salmon, it needs to be wild-caught and from the Pacific Ocean. I usually start snoring when he gets into the why, but farm-raised is no good and something about the Atlantic Ocean is no good either. There is your half-assed food education tip of the day. I also got some guacamole for the salads this week too. I love shrimp and guacamole together. 

I didn’t plan dinner last week because I had quite a few dinner plans, but I also didn’t plan it this week because of Bikram. I take an evening class and it works out better for me if I go on an empty stomach. I mentioned in my weekly workouts last week how nauseous I felt and I believe I found the problem. I just need to time my food better. I’m also not always hungry after class, but I really like eggs for dinner. If I eat, I just have a piece of Ezekiel toast with a fried egg. I like options like these because if I don’t eat it they will last into the next week as well.

I also have leftovers from a weekend dinner. Mr. Vetere and I love to get a rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store. Rotisserie chicken is about the only meat I will eat willingly these days. We’re considering getting a rotisserie oven, but we’re also afraid it won’t be as good. With the dinner I made fingerling potatoes and salad. I know that if I don’t eat it, my husband will. 

Let’s talk snacks (because that’s what I’ve really been into). I bought Greek yogurt again, and it’s weird how much I’ve been enjoying it. I wonder how long it will last? Oranges (yum!), green peppers (my favorite vegetable to much on) and almond coconut Kind bars. My favorite Kind bar flavor are the apricot almond, but those are hard to find by the box. The almond coconut is a close second. 

I haven’t had chocolate in days. It hurts a little. I think the last time I had it was when I polished off my Valentine’s day candy on the 18th (good times). I also mentioned last week in my weekly workouts that I lost a lot of my muscle mass, so that’s why and also my skin hasn’t been very nice to me lately. Something I might add to the mix is air-popped popcorn. I haven’t popped any yet, but I just might. Does anyone else have an air popper that flings popcorn into every nook and cranny of the house? That’s why I’ve been holding off. 

What’s on your list of things to eat this week? What are you favorite salad toppings? And do you have an annoying air popper?