No. 5 means I’ve been working from home for a month now! Time has been flying. I feel so relaxed being far removed from the hustle and bustle of an office hour work day. I’m naturally a high-stressed person so this has been a such healthy change for me. I love it. 

This might shock you, but I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast again. My morning just doesn’t feel right without it and I crave it. It is probably my most favorite meal of the deal and I get upset that I eat it first. Once I tried eating it for lunch. It just didn’t feel right.

I’m still not feeling meat, but I’ve been all over seafood. I rocked salads last week. Really rocked it. I bought the same ingredients as I used last week except a different dressing and I don’t plan on using guacamole this time around either. I’m switching it up a little bit with green olives and a honey mustard dressing this time. I posted the recipe here.

I did plan an actual dinner because I plan on attending earlier yoga classes this week. It’s everything in my fish tacos, but deconstructed. It’s difficult to find clean corn tortillas so instead I got sweet potato tortilla chips. The frozen tilapia allows a lot of flexibility if I skip a dinner or two. I’m also snowed in today so yoga is a no-go. 

Let’s take a minute to discuss Foods Should Taste Good products. Delicious. There. It only took a second. There are so few ingredients in this that they have to make the font really big to fill the space. Mr. Vetere and I love blue corn tortilla chips, but this brand is out of the world. They put sesame and sunflower seeds in them and it’s crazy good. The sweet potato tortilla chips are unlike anything else. Companies that produce foods like these restore my faith in humanity. To make this even better, they are almost always on sale at my local grocery store for 2 for $5. 

For snacks I bought plain Greek yogurt, granola and bananas for parfaits. I also bought coconut chocolate chip Clif Bars for a semi-nutritional sweet treat. If you unwrap these and put them in the microwave for about 20-25 seconds, it makes it warm and gooey and tastes like a freshly baked Samoa cookie. I like to eat it warm and with a spoon. 


When I’m at home, I do better with bigger meals. I easily get caught up in my work, lose track of time and all of a sudden I’m starving. Bigger meals and less snacks keep me fuller longer. The Greek yogurt is what I call “snunch.” It’s for that difficult time between breakfast and lunch. It’s a pretty big snack that holds me over to eat a late lunch since I get so hungry in the morning.

What does your meal plan look like this week??