I didn’t have any time to do anything other than Bikram this week. I do really enjoy it, but it is a time and money sucker. The studio is about 25 minutes away and the class is 90 minutes. It’s also $99 a month. I’m definitely going to stick it out for the next 2 months to stay in yoga-shape for my yoga retreat, but it will be hard to continue afterwards. I can part with the money, but I can’t part with the time right now.

Every time I show up for a class, I think to myself “@&%^$, why did I come? I don’t want to be here.” Then after a few postures I think “okay, this isn’t so bad, I guess I can keep doing this.” By the second half of class I think “this is so wonderful! I feel so skinny and flexible, look at me!” It’s an emotional roller coaster. 

The worst was yesterday morning when I went to a 6 am class. I had to wake up at 4:45 and be out of the door by 5:20. I was so sad. I got there, same thing, didn’t want to be there. I was also upset that the person next to me didn’t understand personal space (as you can see yoga is really mellowing me out). Once I got moving, I felt much better. The best part was it wasn’t even a good class for me. I wasn’t nauseous or anything, but I just felt really tight and couldn’t get as deep into the postures as I would have liked, but I didn’t care. As far as I was concerned I had already won because I made it to that freaken class.

Bikram is truly a whole body workout, but there are a few regions that just don’t get sore. It’s completely my fault too. I think I’m taking the easy way out on a few postures.  

  • My shoulders and back feel so great, but I need to incorporate more bicep and tricep exercises. 
  • My hamstrings feel awesome, but I feel nothing in my quads, butt or inner and outer thighs.
  • My core… I’m not isolating this enough in class so I need to do these exercises at home too.

Moving forward, I don’t think the 6 am class is right for me. My best design work happens early in the morning and very late at night. Even though the evening class doesn’t work as well with my preferred hair washing routine, it works better with everything else. Yoga is gentle enough to do on top of any other exercise (although it’s certainly not necessary). In fact, if you stay hydrated, you can even do Bikram twice a day (cough over-achievers cough). My goal for next week is to do strength training on the specific areas I mentioned above. Normally I don’t put so much thought into exercising, but like I’ve said, I lost a lot of muscle and I would like to gain it back before my upcoming vacations. 

I messed up the times for a yoga on Sunday and ended up missing it. At that point I didn’t really want to do anything, but I broke out Just Dance 2014 for an hour. I wore my heart rate monitor to prove to you that it is exercise. I burned almost 250 calories. 


I really slacked off at the end because my arms were tired. There were a few songs were I felt I got robbed on too, but fortunately the heart rate monitor doesn’t care about your score. For a fun activity, I was impressed with the 243 calories. I also have some new moves to pull out of my back pocket at anytime now.