After 3 weeks of consistently exercising, I feel sooo good again and muscles are also making appearances. I mentioned in a meal plan a couple weeks ago that I was trying to ween myself off sugar. I haven’t, but I did cut back tremendously.

I actually haven’t changed my diet too much and I’ve been eating pretty late at night after yoga, which is something I usually try not to do. At first I wasn’t hungry after yoga, but I’m at the point now where I get famished. One night, I came out of my office in raging hunger and pushed Mr. Vetere out of the way so I could make food. It was touch-and-go for a minute. 

In just 3 weeks, yoga has already started to stretch and lengthen my muscles. I’ve been to yoga 5 times this week already! It becomes addicting. It gets to the point where you just feel like you need to stretch and the only thing that is going to help is going to class. This is going to sound silly, but I’ve always been self-conscious about my arms, but now that I’ve been working on correcting my posture and going to yoga so often, I’m not. 

Me: Tell me the truth, do my arms look leaner? (Holding my arms out in front of my body… awkwardly)
Mr. Vetere: Stop holding them like that. 
Me: Okay, but they look best like that. How is this?
Mr. Vetere: Yes, actually, they do. 

We all know not to ask Mr. Vetere a question we don’t want to hear the answer to. 

I had a weak moment last night where I wanted to cancel my yoga membership. I just didn’t know if the financial and time commitment was worth it. I punched some numbers and realized I only need to go 3 times a week to get my money’s worth and then some. So I’ve made a new rule to only go 3 times a week and I’m definitely going to cancel it right before my yoga trip. I enjoy it, but when you don’t live in a city, classes like these are more of a commitment. 

It snowed earlier in the week and I thought I would start rallying for Wife Of The Year by attempting to shovel the driveway. It’s not a huge driveway and the snow was light, but I did it. First time in 30 years I ever shoveled a driveway by myself. I wore my heart rate monitor too because I thought it would be more difficult, but the snow was pretty light. I also wanted to have a memory of myself during this once in a lifetime occurrence so naturally I took the best self-portrait of my life. I also remembered why I don’t like to wear hats. Overall, a very educational experience. 


I mentioned last week that I wanted to incorporate a few more strength training days into my routine. I’m really stuck on the workouts I did two weeks ago.

These workouts aren’t easy, but they’re not difficult either. I know that they say you need to really push yourself when you exercise, but I’m really okay not doing that. High intensity exercise raises my already high – stress hormones too much. I’m seeing results doing exactly what I want to be doing so that works for me. 

I really want to switch up strength training next week, so let me know your favorite workouts, especially lower body workouts. I’m looking for something that targets everything without going to a gym.